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The Snoo

The Snoo


This page is about moi; God's Gift. [Yes I have got my head shoved firmly up my ass]

I am going to attempt to write a short biography for myself. It will probably be shit, but it will still exist. So nuh.
I was born Emma Diasy not-telling-you-the-rest-incase-you-stalk-me on July 31st 1990 in a town that I will not state the name of, just incase you try and track me down and stalk me.
I lived a pretty normal life as a kid. I lived in some weird comunal house thing that we called The Vicarage. I don't know why. I moved out when I was about 8 and we moved to a house in a different part of town. We barely lived their a year then we moved to where I live now. And we've been here ever since.
Want more detail? If not, stop here. If so, read on.
I started school as most youngsters do. I wasn't born a retard, but I sure as hell acted like one during my first few years of primary school. I used to crawl around the classroom pretending to be a baby, even though by that time I was at least 4 or 5.
My mommy took me out of school at the end of year one, I think it was. They thought I was retarded, and wanted to give me special help and my mommy didn't want me to stay somewhere where they thought I was a retard.
So instead I went to a retard school where they tought you how to knit, colour in between the lines, and do simple 1 +1 sums. I soon got kicked out of that school for being too disruptive and was then home schooled for a while. I got bored of that and returned to my first primary school. By that time I was in year 4, and socialy retarded. But my teacher took good care of me and tought me how to be a 'normal' child. She did miricles on me, that woman did.
So then I dropped out of school again halfway through year 5. But then I got bored again and went back halfway through year 6. I completed primary school and went on to secondary school. Unlike previous times, I managed to stay put. I completed my GCSE's and am now awaiting my results, due at the end of August.

Random facts about none other than ME!
* My real name is Emma, not Snoo
* I am a hyperactive bitch
* But I am still nice...[most of the time]
*I love colourful things, they make me smiley.
* My favourite colours are purple, terquoise and yellow
* I have forgotten what my natural hair colour looks like
* I'm wearing stripy socks
* I have a dog called Asgard
* He is half Dog, half Human, half Cat and half Rabbit
* He is amazing :D
* I have an older sister
* Her name is Verity
* She always wins
* I play guitar
* I play the drums
* I play Bass
* My guitar is called Yellow
* My drum kit is red
* My bass is called Dougie
* My favourite band is McFLY!
* They are the best band on the planet and you know it
* I am addicted to the internet
* Abi says that I always smell of sweets
* I use Oceanus body mist from the body shop
* I intoxicate my air with Linx Pure; mens deodorant rocks
* I like to take photographs of beautiful things
* I am GORGEOUS and you know it. End of.

For any extra info on anything or any complaints or any praising, please contact me at

There Is No Rainbow Without The Rain