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The Snoo

Words Of Wisdom


Famous to non-famous quotes from famous to non-famous people. Some of them you will have heard, some maybe not. Some may make sense, some, again, may not. <3

Here are some reasonably meaningful quotes that you may have heard before from people you may know of, or in some cases, may not.
"I'd rather be hated for someone I am, then loved for someone I'm not" - Kurt Cobain
"It's better to regret something you have done, than something you haven't done" - Billie Joe Armstrong
"There's nothing more successful than a series of mistakes" - Billie Joe Armstrong
"If you dwell on all the bad things in life, you miss out on all the good things!" - That blonde girl in Just My Luck

Here are some less meaningful quotes that I am posting simply because I find them amusing...
"I can suck my own!" - Tre Cool
"Now are any of these vegetables magic? I mean if I rub this bean on my foot, will I run faster?" - Mike Dirnt
"Somebody fuck me!" - Billie Joe Armstrong
"Sometimes Dougie walks around the house naked and I chase after him." - Tom Fletcher
"We like to strip Doug, because he's a sexy little boy." - Danny Jones
"In my spare time you'll find me in my room, either playing with myself or my lizards..." - Dougie Poynter

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